UNIT4 Business Software – 360-degree feedback programme.

As part of our continued investment in our people we are enhancing our Performance Management programme to include the introduction of 360-degree feedback.  Our existing Performance and Development Review process has ensured the alignment of activity to strategy and delivered clarity in defining expectations.  The introduction of 360-degree feedback will develop this further in highlighting  the approach an individual adopts in carrying out his/her role.  

360-degree feedback, as the name suggests, is feedback to an individual on specified competencies from the people they work with within the organisation.  Information is collected from the line manager, peers & colleagues alongside and subordinates or those reporting into a role and this together with the individual’s self-assessment is processed and fed back.

The uniqueness of 360-degree feedback is the nearness to real life. The approach  helps people understand how their behaviour influences both their own personal effectiveness and how they impact the smooth running of the organisation. It can be a powerful learning and development tool when received and used as a basis for change by a focal participant.

I hope you agree that the introduction of 360-degree feedback is an exciting new development that will help you build on your existing skills and enable all of us to deliver against our future challenges.

Karen Brine

Business Optimisation Director

You can download your 360 workbook from here.